Welcome!  Please feel free to browse and explore the music, videos, photos, and stories.  The new album "Globalize" will be available Sunday June 28 at 5 pm PDT.  We will host a Livestream Zoom event to introduce the album, then it will be available to order (CD and/or download) from this website by clicking on Purchase Music.  Your feedback is appreciated, so be in touch! 

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New Album!

The album "Globalize" is finished!  We will be releasing the album on Sunday June 28, 5 pm PDT with a Zoom Livestream presentation including about 30 minutes of live music, and a brand new video for the song "Gotta Keep Our Hope Alive".  After that, the album will be available (CD and/or download), by clicking Purchase Music on this website.

The photos to the left portray the hard-working musicians in the studio.  What an amazing job these core musicians have done, as well as the others who added their special layers.

The intrepid band members in the studio Nov/Dec 2019
Video - Somewhere Down the Road - Live

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