Summer 2020


We actually did a live outside concert!  With the core members of the band!  Monday Aug. 31, 5 pm at The Commons.  We have a video and audio recording the concert on video, and hope to be able to release some clips of our live performance.  And who knows when we will be able to do this again, so this is a big one for me.  It was fabulous!!


In these times of isolation, I have been fortunate to be able to complete my new album, and record several videos of tunes to share on Facebook and Youtube. 

My new album "Globalize" was released on June 28, including a Live Zoom Launch with Brad Shipley, where we also introduced the official video for "Gotta Keep Our Hope Alive".  For more information and to order, visit the Music page.  Thanks!

I have been creating home video recordings of some of my tunes, around once a week.  These clips are available on Youtube (click the link at the bottom of the page), and Facebook.

Past 2020

On Sunday May 24, a solo set on Zoom as part of the Gabriola Couch Fest. 

Sat. Feb. 8 and Sun. Feb. 9 - Oy! A Concert of Jewish music from King David to Carole King, The Roxy, Gabriola.  Featuring a cast of many with a wide variety of music from klezmer to Hebrew folk to liturgical to philosophical to pop!



Sun. Dec. 29, Gala Roxy Fundraiser, The Roxy, Gabriola.

Wed. Dec. 25, Annual Spirit Feast, Gabriola Community Hall, with the Mutineers.

Saturday Dec. 21, Winter Solstice Celebration, NetLoft, Gabriola.  With Brad Shipley.

Saturday Nov. 9, Gabriola Community Hall Concert/Dance. 


Thursday Oct. 24, The Vault, Nanaimo - the Paul Gellman Band. 


Wednesday August 21, Beban Park Farmers Market, Nanaimo, playing for the folks with our son Josh.

Saturday August 10, Gabriola Annual Salmon BBQ, set with Jacquie Parker-Snedker and Fraser Gabbott, then joined Time Machine for a set of classic rock covers.

Thursday, June 20, Paul and Josh Gellman at the Nanaimo Bar, Nanaimo, 9pm - late(!)

Wednesday, June 19, Paul and Josh Gellman at the Beban Park Farmers Market, Nanaimo, 4 - 6:30 pm.

Thursday May 23, Dylan Revisited (revisited), a reprise of our Bob Dylan tribute show, featuring Jake Galbraith, Paul Gellman, Fraser Gabbott, Scott Durant and David Botten. Ground Zero Acoustic Lounge, Parksville.


Thursday May 16, Dylan Revisited (revisited), a reprise of our Bob Dylan tribute show, featuring Jake Galbraith, Paul Gellman, Fraser Gabbott , Scott Durant and David Botten.  The Roxy, Gabriola

Friday May 3, Raising the Roof, a benefit for the Gabriola Community Hall, featuring the Paul Gellman Band - Brad Shipley on guitar and mandolin, Jacquie Parker-Snedker on bass, and Alicia Murray on drums.  Tickets are $20, available at North Road Sports.

Thursday April 11, The Paul Gellman Trio, featuring Brad Shipley on guitar and mandolin and Jacquie Parker-Snedker on bass.  Ground Zero Acoustic Lounge, 8-464 Island Highway East, show starts at 7 pm, tickets are $20 available from

Sat. Jan 12 and Sunday Jan 13, Dylan Revisited, the songs of Bob Dylan, featuring Jake Galbraith, Paul Gellman, Fraser Gabbott and Scott Durant.  The Roxy, Gabriola