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Music Workshops

For those who can play instruments or sing and want to improve, this workshop asks the question: “What would you like to do with your music?” 


In a workshop setting, there will be four or more two hour sessions, one per week.  The focus of these sessions will be to help individuals enhance the skills and gain confidence to play together in a group and improve the quality of their creation.


Many styles of music will be explored, from pop to rock to blues to country to r&b to jazz.  The intention is to not play loud, rather to focus on acoustic instruments or electric instruments played to blend with acoustic, and voices.  Participants are welcome to bring songs they would like to work on, and offer them as possible “course material” (no guarantees).


Most of all, the purpose of these sessions is to have fun, to learn and work together at improving our musical abilities and creations, and to join others to share the magic of music.

Creation, Production

Composing songs, jingles, collaboration on writing, TV. movies, placement with other artists, etc.


Arranging and producing your music to adapt to your individual style and dynamic.  Assistance with all aspects of recording and live performance.


Music Coaching

Coaching for individuals.


We ask the question: "What would you like to do with your music?"  It's not so much teaching how to play an instrument or sing, it's more taking whatever musical skills an individual has, and moving to the next step, according to his or her own goals.  Paul will guide the student through a process of playing together, recording tracks to practice with, and gaining new skills to add to what is already there.


These sessions can be completely customized to suit the desires of the student.


Singer / songwriter, piano, guitar and fiddle.  Original and cover music covering multiple styles and genres, including pop, rock, jazz, blues, folk, country, klezmer, classical, etc.


Sideman (Sideperson?).  Can back up solo artists or be a band member, piano, fiddle, guitar and vocals.


Session work.  Can provide piano, fiddle, guitar and vocal parts for recording sessions.

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